Paws 4 Ever - Canine Behaviourist and Trainer


Paws 4 Ever Canine Behaviourist and Trainer 

Based in Hookwood Surrey, Lorraine Cook is a fully qualified credited behaviourist, having studied for a number of years with the International School of Canine Psychology gaining the advanced study in Canine Behaviour. Lorraine is also a full member and listed behaviourist with The Association of INTO Dogs, ICAN and The Dog Welfare Alliance. Having furthered her studies with Vetfolio she is also a listed Fear Free Certified Practitioner specializing in dogs that suffer from fear, anxiety and stress related behaviours.

Lorraine works closely with clients to ensure that together they build the foundations for a positive relationship between dog and owner.

Yellow Dog UKTM is a registered charity raising awareness that some dogs and their owners may need space for a variety of reasons when out in public. We pledge to supply free yellow ribbons to owners whose dogs needs space and that all donations will be used to promote and raise awareness of the campaign. View our charity registration certificate HERE.

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